Golden Opportunities in Oracabessa

Ora-ca-bes-sa = Oro + Cabeza (Spanish) = Gold(en) head Recently I had an experience of a lifetime in Oracabessa, St Mary on a work trip. Oracabessa is famed for many things; the setting of iconic movies, playground for the rich and famous, its links to the music industry and luxurious villas. The verdant green high … Continue reading Golden Opportunities in Oracabessa


Rediscovering Hanover

Of Jamaica's 14 parishes Hanover is the 2nd smallest. It might be considered one of the most rural or underdeveloped places in Jamaica. It's often a running joke that it "doesn't exist". Nowadays, Hanover isn't really known for much but it is the home of many things; Many rivers, many bays and many many many … Continue reading Rediscovering Hanover

72 hours in Kingston, Jamaica.

Kingston is a big city (by Caribbean standards, it's no Mexico City or New York). Usually Kingston is the first place in Jamaica to get anything "from foreign" (except Starbucks). Despite some of its bad reputation, Kingston is an enchanting cultural and business hub, just ask any tourist that prefers culture over cocktails and any … Continue reading 72 hours in Kingston, Jamaica.